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3 Familien Funk Klingeltaster Bell 203 TX weiss

  • Erweiterung zu Ihrer Bell-Klingelanlage
  • Einfache und schnelle Montage
  • Funk-Reichweite von bis zu 200m
  • 3 Namensschilder
  • 20,38
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    Artikelnummer: 11532072
    • Upgrade your Bell ringing system with this station.
    • You have a side entrance or want to give the opportunity to the ring also at the Garden Gate visitors? No problem. With this article, you can upgrade your Bell ringing system.
    • You can apply a maximum of 3 transmitter to a receiver/Gong.
    • This channel has two doorbell/name badges.
    • The device is splash-proof (IP44) and can be used outdoors.
    • A CR2032 3V battery power supplied to the transmitter. (included)
    • A battery replacement is necessary depending on the Traffic Intensity only approx. every 2 years.
    • In open field, a Funk range of up to 200m is possible. The range may vary by zoning or other influences.
    • You can connect the transmitter (wired) to an existing Bell System.

    Tekniske oplysninger

    Technical Data
    • Color: white
    • Frequency: 433 MHz
    • Funk range: up to 200 m (free field)
    • Battery: 1 x CR2032 (included)
    • Dimensions (Hxwxd): approx. 90 x 90 x 22mm
    • Rating: IP44 (outdoor)

    Please refer to the battery regulation

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