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0 Artikler i indkøbskurven

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ProAir H Raumlüfter Deckenlüfter - Hygro

  • Flache Bauweise
  • Starker Motor (75m³/h)
  • einstellbare Nachlaufzeit, Luftfeuchtigkeit
    • This room / ceiling fan is ideal for controlling discharge air in the bathroom, kitchen, in the basement or the garage.
    • The room fan can be connected to a light switch for example, and is turned on as easy and convenient. Is the light in the room is switched off again, the fan will continue running the preset time (between 1 and 20 minutes) and then automatically turns off.
    • In addition, this fan has a humidistat. An increased air humidity is measured in the room, so the fan turns on automatically. Again, the humidity drops below the selected value to the device turns off.
    • This device is very quiet with only 30 db/m. This is not omitted but on performance. the fan from the room can suck 75 m³ per hour.
    • Use this bad fan to draw such as moisture from the room. So, you have any problems more with moisture or mold in a laundry room without Windows or daylight.
    • The front panel of the fan is only 21 mm high. It has the following dimensions: (H x W) approx. 14 x 15 cm
    • The hose for connection to an exhaust pipe has a diameter of 100 mm and a depth of approx. 7 cm
    • At the end of the boss, a rear jam film prevents that wind can press air into the room. Insects are held back by this slide.
    • The housing of the fan is easy to clean plastic.
    • Colored front panels are a special highlight of this article. Select simple, match, one to your facility. There are also two front panels from stainless steel to select (polished or brushed).

    Tekniske oplysninger

    Technical Data
    • Power supply: 230V / 50 Hz ~.
    • Consumption (in operation): approx. 15 W
    • Performance: approx. 75 m³ / h
    • Operating volume: approx. 30 db/m
    • Stopping time: 1 to 20 minutes
    • Start Hygrostat: selectable between 40 and 100% humidity
    • Rating: IP44 (splash proof)
    • Dimensions (Hxwxd): approx. 14 x 15 x 9 cm
      the front panel has a structural height of only 21 mm.
      Spigot is approx. 7 cm deep and has a diameter of approx. 100 mm

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