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Adhesive video - warning label - for interior use

Shaped film sticker
Made of high-quality film
Deter burglars
Item-number: 10800011
  • Attaching the label to the interior, rather than the exterior, of window panes prevents it from being vandalised.
  • The weatherproof and UV-resistant film will last up to 7 years and can be removed without leaving behind residue.
  • The label film has been developed for the automotive sector and hence is highly resistant to environmental factors and temperature fluctuations.
  • Almost any smooth surface (dry and grease-free), such as glass, can be used as the substrate.
    To properly attach the label:
  • Clean the substrate to ensure that it is free of dust, grease and moisture (external temp. min. 15 °C).
  • Before removing the carrier film, smooth over the label firmly with your thumbs and press firmly on the letters.
  • Carefully remove the transparent carrier film together with all the red-film elements from the backing.
  • Little by little, stick the carrier film with the label carefully onto the substrate. When doing this it is useful to have a credit card or similar to hand for smoothing the label slowly from left to right.
  • Firmly smooth over the label with the carrier film one more time.
  • Remove the carrier film from the label slowly and in parallel to the substrate.
  • Carefully press down the individual elements of the label with a cloth (do NOT smooth).
  • !!!DONE!!!

techincal details

  • Shape: rectangle
  • Dimensions (W x H): approx. 79 x 52 mm
  • Colour: red
  • Processing temp.: min. +15 °C
  • Approx. temperature: -40 ? to +110 ?

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