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Christmas decoration for your home

A great season is approaching. It is getting dark earlier, and it is time to decorate your house or garden with lighting elements. For Christmas time we are offering a big choice of decorative accessories.

Light strings in all colours, forms and lenghts

Thanks to our great light strings, your fantasy is unlimited. For outdoors or indoors, a classical light string a curtain or a net, you will find the appropriate light string. The light string has to flash? The light string has to change its colours? Or it has to simulate a snowfall effect? No problem! With us you certainly find the right Christmas decoration.

Rope light as set or by the length up to 45 metres

What is a rope light used for? The possibilities of use are almost unlimited. If slight illumination, store illumination, garden illumination or as decorative Christmas light at your house or roof, each place is put in its true light. Arope light for decorating balconies or balustrades is also beautiful to look at. In our online shop we are offering you rope lights by the length or as ready-to-use set. Additionally, you can choose between LED or incandescent lights.

Christmas trees

Assembling a Christmas tree with a height of approx. 2 metres which is completely decorated and equipped with a light string in only one minute!!! You do not believe it? Yes!! We are offering a big choice of Christmas trees. They are assembled and stored quickly and can be used every year, which is a great advantage.

Decorative figures

Illuminated figures, wreaths, stars, angels and much more belong to Christmas time. Thanks to our decorative figures which are often illuminated by LEDs, you create a wonderful atmosphere at your home. The new Christmas figures which are inflated by a ventilator and which decorate your garden or patio are a particular highlight. Just have a look at the offer. (klick)

Advent calendars

Waiting for Christmas Eve with a kind of „Countdown“ is a very good custom. Our advent calendars embellish the waiting period for you. Just have a look at our big choice.